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How to route the serpentine belt?

Serpentine belt also known as drive belt or Accessory belt.
Belts are made of reinforced synthetic and/or hard rubber, belts are usually v-channeled or ribbed serpentine They're used to drive accessories including the alternator, water pump, AC compressor, power steering, air pump, vacuum pump and injector pump. They're usually driven by the engine's crankshaft pulley and are fully adjustable by tensioners or idlers that follow or track the surface of the belt.
The diagrams are for both,with and without AC models.The belt tension should be absolutely right.Not too loose or over tight.Adjust the belt tensioner correctly.Also inspect that all pulleys from where belt routes ,are proper and not worn out.

Belt routing all depends on car model and engine.Its routing goes on how many pulleys it has.

Start by studying the old belt’s routing, which should be easy if the belt is still in place. But it’s probably not so easy to spot if the belt is wadded up like macramé next to the a/c compressor’s mounting bracket. Fear not: There should be a belt-routing placard under the hood. If the car has had bodywork or been repainted, the placard might have been covered. Look in the owner’s manual; there’s usually a routing diagram. With a half-dozen pulleys to choose from, it’s possible, sometimes, to install the belt the wrong way. It might look right, but spinning the a/c compressor or water pump backwards isn’t good. If the belt is hard to install or seems to fit poorly, you may have it routed incorrectly. Don’t freak—sometimes the water pump is driven by the flat, back side of the belt. Any pulley that has grooves on it is intended to contact the grooved side of the belt. If you need to, sketch the correct routing down before you remove the old belt. As a last resort, check the shop manual.

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