Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to release Accessory drive belt on GMC Envoy 4.6L engine?

The details are as follows.Serpentine belt also known as drive belt or Accessory belt.
Belts are made of reinforced synthetic and/or hard rubber, belts are usually v-channeled or ribbed serpentine They're used to drive accessories including the alternator, water pump, AC compressor, power steering, air pump, vacuum pump and injector pump. They're usually driven by the engine's crankshaft pulley and are fully adjustable by tensioners or idlers that follow or track the surface of the belt.
The belt tension should be absolutely right.Not too loose or over tight.Adjust the belt tensioner correctly.Also inspect that all pulleys from where belt routes ,are proper and not worn out.

There is an automatic belt tensioner on your motor. It has a smooth pulley mounted to a wide arm, and you'll probably need an auto belt tensioner tool to release the tensioner. Many auto parts stores have these for rent so you don't have to buy one. The tensioner is usually mounted towards the top od the belt route and the tool goes on the nut retaining the pulley to the assembly. Depending on the routing of the belt dictates the direction you'll need to move the tool to release the belt. the tensioner usually rides on the top edge of the belt - not the grooved inside edge. Move the tensioner with the tool and slip the belt off of that pulley to remove - pay attention to the routing of the belt! Your vehicle may already have a diagram sticker on the front cross member of the car ( above the radiator) to guide you to the proper routing of the belt. Route the belt everywhere, leaving the shortness at the tensioner pulley. Move the pulley far enough to slip the belt back over the top of the pulley, remove the tool and double check the routing.In some instances you may be able to use a short socket on a ratchet but normally you'll need the tool for this job. The belt does not need to be perfectly centered on the pulley as staring the motor will center the belt as long as your tensioner is not damaged or the internal spring is still good.

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